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Have you wanted to occupy WBHQ as a resident artist?! Now’s your chance! We have private studio spaces opening up March 1. We look forward to hearing from ya’all!

Application for Studio Space
Wrong Brain Headquarters, Washington Street Mills, Dover NH 
Concentration/mediums/description of work
Why do you want to rent at HQ?
What is your relationship to Wrong Brain and/or what does Wrong Brain mean to you?
Do you have a steady source of income/confidence in your ability to pay monthly rent?

Wrong Brain Headquarters serves as private art studios and community space. Our 2,300 sq. foot suite at the Washington Street Mills is home to 8 individual studio spaces, community space, and storage for Wrong Brain equipment, artwork, supplies and tools. As a resident artist you will have access to your own spot at HQ 24/7 and access to the community space whenever there is no event. Each artist gets 1 drawer in our large flat files. You are able to use our Xerox copier and Epson color printer and pin maker at cost for materials. Free use of all of our tools, office equipment, donated art supplies, including (but not limited to!): paint, ink, brushes, markers, pens, pencils, pastels, paper, vellum, cardboard, stapler, linoleum carving tools, projector, PA system, microphones, mini-fridge, microwave and kitchen supplies. You are able to organize and host your own meetings or events in the community space, private or open to the public, with approval from the Board/HQ manager. Studio dogs welcome, as long as they’re trained and not mean or super barky.

As of March 1 we will have three studio spaces available. Two 11×10 foot spaces: both corner spaces, with 10 feet of wall space, and one wall with window/s. – $120/month each. One 18×9 foot space: 18 feet of wall space, and one wall with a window – $220. Spaces may be shared by up to 2 people. Rent is to be paid before the 1st of each month – so we have time to deposit your money before we have to pay Management. There is no minimum stay requirement, we just need at least 1 month notice if you plan to leave.

Wrong Brain is proud to be a safe space – meaning we do not tolerate violence, harassment, hate speech or discrimination based on sex, gender, sexuality, race, cultural background, religion, ability, age or class. We aim to provide a welcoming and constructive environment for marginalized people through art, opportunities, meetings and events. We expect our resident artists, volunteers and participants to uphold these same standards.

Other responsibilities of resident artists include: at least 2 hours of volunteer time per month (helping with events set up/clean up, distributing posters, cleaning up the community space, etc.), attending monthly resident artists meetings, and some participation within Wrong Brain -whether its planning meetings, fundraising committee, attending events, etc. We want the resident artists involved with Wrong Brain and our community. Other random rules of HQ: no smoking or vaping inside; no use of aerosol sprays/spray paint; if playing music that everyone can hear- be courteous and share music picks every hour or so! 
We look forward to working with you awesome people! Email applications to