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WB2 artists and sponsors:

Jason Adams

Andrea Berry

Eric Bussell

David Christopher


Gracie Corcoran

AJ Dudick

Sammy Johnson

Nikki Kolb

Cody John Laplante


Maintain Radio Silence

Tito and Annie Mambo

Marie McGwier

Andrew Paolini

Laurie Todd Paolini

Sam Paolini


The Primate

Nathaniel Parker Raymond

Joey Rowell

Matt Sell

Subverbal Explicit

Katie Stone

Meg Sutherland

Matt Sweeney

Trapped Inside

Phoebe Waldron


Flyrock Records @ Studio 1.1D

Front Street Spa

Casey Todd and the Crew

Stacey Elliott

Laurie Todd Paolini

Tom Paolini

Tim King

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