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Wrongbrainers Comma reviewed by the Wire

Wrong Brain contributors Greg Baldi (G.B.), Brent Glidden (Brandrew Paolidden) and Andrew Paolini (UTI, himself) have a band called Comma. They were in the Wire this week with an awesome review of their demo, Meen Either.

Written by Matt Kanner
Friday, 11 June 2010
‘Meen Either’by Comma
We became aware of Exeter-based power trio Comma during a multi-act show at Buoy in
February. We were immediately smitten with the newcomers’ awesome
brand of progressive metal and eagerly anticipated a first recording.
Their debut EP, “Meen Either,” delivers.The group
includes Greg Baldi on guitar, Andrew Paolini on drums and Brent
Glidden on bass, with guest organist Tom Potter playing on one song.
They’re all ambitious musical architects who build towering, crystalline
sounds. Consisting of four wordless compositions, the disc offers
38 minutes of sonic hysteria, filled with unpredictable time changes
and complex instrumental maneuvers. The opening track,
“Karate Chop-a-thon,” introduces listeners to the band’s aggressive
style, powered by Baldi’s loud, antsy guitar work, which constantly
shifts and prods like Buckethead in a vintage Praxis show. Paolini
and Glidden ably keep pace with pounding skins and darting bass
strings.Next comes “Belief Is an Easy Thing to Come By,” an
epic 20-minute track that crashes through each wall of sound it
creates to explore new sonic territory. With occasional flurries of
downright archaic metal, it’s a draining but thrilling listen.At
less than two minutes in length, the solitary guitar work of “Man Drake
Man… Drake” offers a pleasant respite. But the final track, the laboriously
titled “Jiu-jitsu Tripianship vs. Karate Chop-a-theen” (spellings
vary), mostly maintains a blistering pace for nearly 10 minutes.
Comma is in the process of making a new record and booking more
shows. We look forward to both. Visit,_McCoy,_Comma_and_ZumbaTres_201006114170.html

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