Wrong Brain Spring Bizaare: Call to Vendors & Artists

Wrong Brain Spring Bizaare
Call to Vendors, Artists and Performers
Saturday, April 26, 11am-5pm
Millspace, bottom level of the Newmarket Mills, Newmarket, NH

The Wrong Brain Bizaare is a semiannual multimedia arts open market, pop up gallery, music exhibition and creative celebration! We aim to bring you the strange, unconventional, underground, alternative and emerging of the Seacoast.

We are seeking vendors who offer – original art, prints, zines, RECYCLED/HANDMADE: pins, patches, clothing, accessories, toys, VINTAGE/LOCAL: clothing, records and cassettes, comics, books, skincare, food, etc. Other items are absolutely acceptable as long as they fit the theme.
We are seeking pop-up gallery exhibitors with original art in frames or hanging fixtures.
We are seeking musicians and readers for live entertainment.

Vendor spaces:
10×10 – $60
6×4 – $30
Bring your own tables and chairs.
Some electricity is available upon request only.
Most spaces have access to wooden beams for hanging.

To apply to be a vendor, please submit the following:
Business/artist name & location
What do you do?
What products will you sell?
Why do you fit the theme?
10×10 or 6×4?
Please attach 2-3 images.
Link to your website/blog/portfolio.
If you plan on sharing a space, please submit ONE application with BOTH of your info.

To apply to the pop-up gallery, please submit the following:
Artist name & location
Up to 4 original works with title, size, medium, dimensions, price, and attached image for each piece.

To apply to perform music or readings, please submit the following:
Artist/band name & location
Short bio. Why do you fit the theme?
Link to hear your music/read your writing.

For other installation or performance ideas, please submit a proposal and we will talk!

EMAIL SAM: samanthapaolini@gmail.com

Not all who apply will be accepted. Space and time are limited and we are seeking only those who are Wrong Brained. All applications due by Sunday, March 16. Notifications of acceptance sent by Wednesday, March 19.


After two long, sad years without an issue of Wrong Brain, we are BACK. That’s right, kids, issue #6 is gonna hit you in the face. And we’re going to include a feisty compilation CD full of Seacoast NH/Southern ME music goodness. I know its overwhelmingly amazing, but don’t cry. It’s gonna be great.

We are focusing on local contributors only this time. We feel our community needs a thread sewn through the many isolated artists. For the lonely, lost, the dedicated, fledgling, the shy and the obnoxious creators and expressionists throughout Portsmouth, Dover, Exeter, Kittery and the like, we need Wrong Brain #6 to learn from each other and encourage ourselves to KEEP ON DOING IT. We are here to promote and share the amazing artists we live next to. Strength in numbers, people. Come on.

So send us your art, writing and music. Send it before JUNE 1, 2013. Include your name as it will be published and a link to your website or blog.

to SAM at spaolini@wrongbrain.net – In the subject line, put “WRONG BRAIN 6 – ART”
Magazine will be printed black and white on standard 8.5×11″ paper, folded in half. Send no more than 4 images at 300 dpi; 8×5 inches.

to CODY at claplante@wrongbrain.net – In the subject line, put “WRONG BRAIN 6”
I am looking for original writing of nearly any genre. Favor goes towards those submissions which lean towards the themes implied by the name of the zine. Submissions should not go much over 1000 words. I may contact you about small (and optional) revisions to the piece but most contributors should expect to have their pieces only edited for correctness (where it applies). I look forward to reading everything you’ve got for us.

to GREG at spaolini@wrongbrain.net – In the subject line, put “WRONG BRAIN 6 – AUDIO”
Please send no more than 2 tracks. Include contact information for interviews.

Because Wrong Brain is always FREE, we need money to publish. Blank CDs are expensive. Please sponsor or donate to Wrong Brain and help our artsy fartsy dreams come true. We’ll put your name in the back of the zine and your link on our website and Facebook. SUPPORT LOCAL ART. Because without it, our world would be a dull fucking gray. Email SAM to help!

We will need volunteers to help organize fundraising events, shows, open mics, craft fairs, etc, plus some peeps to copy, staple, fold, and burn CDs. Email SAM to help!




funds RAISED!

Greg, Cody and I had a fun and exciting Wednesday filled with lots of free art, delicious burritos, and Wrong Brain promotion at Dos Amigos Burritos in Dover, NH. We raised over $200 with the help of Dos and our fans. Thanks for coming out!

To reward ourselves for a great fundraiser, here’s a sneak peak from WB5

Billy Raygun – Worst Day Of My Life